Magic Lantern Games

Larklamp Magic Lantern Game system

Play games on boards made of light and shadow cast from the Larklamp game lantern. Enchantment and fun for all ages!


The Larklamp game lantern is handcrafted by veteran artist and game designer Paul Warne in his Vermont workshop.

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Introducing Magic Lantern Games

Magic, Mirth, and Mystification

The light of the Larklamp lantern is warm and inviting, with games focused on being interesting to a wide variety of players. Sitting around the lantern also creates a magical atmosphere for playing in the dark. 


Game boards made of shadows are cast by the Larklamp's removable panels, and like cartridges in a videogame system, the panels can be switched out to load in other Larklamp games.

Unique Mechanics for a Unique System

Each Larklamp game contains new and unique play mechanics possible only through the light and shadow features of this patent-pending Magic Lantern Game system.

Larklamp Kickstarter Video

in 2016 the Larklamp reached nearly 1000% of its funding goal

what folks are saying

“Represents an exciting step in modern game design.”

—Andrew Fisher, Gameosity

“Played Lumo Amuzo’s Larklamp. Beautiful.”

—Arnie Niekamp, You Don't Know Jack, Hello from the Magic Tavern

“It's the boardgame Gandalf would make to impress chicks. BACKED!"

—Elan LeeExploding Kittens