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P.D. Warne & Lumo Amuzo

Lumo Amuzo is the independent game publishing label of P. D. Warne, a veteran game designer with a penchant for the mystical. Based in Montreal and Vermont, Lumo Amuzo handcrafts enchanting games and curious ephemera that add lasting joy, fun and magic to the art of play.

About P.D.Warne 

Over the past twenty years P.D. helped develop over twenty published games while working as a level designer in the AAA videogame industry at world renowned game companies such as Lucas, DoubleFine and Ubisoft studios.

Producing his own line of handmade game products came naturally out of Warne’s fine arts degree, award-winning practice in video-installation art, and a childhood being raised on a farm where he helped build everything from tree-houses to barns.

About the Studio

In 2016 Lumo Amuzo launched it's first Kickstarter campaign for the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System. The response was overwhelming, with the reception of nearly 1000% of our funding goal. The development of the Larklamp, as well as its accompanying games Snyxtrap and Wisp in the Vale, is the direct result of the generous backing of our many supporters across the globe.

Production at Lumo Amuzo is intentionally kept at a small scale— almost everything is made by hand in-house. By committing to manufacturing small batches we adapt new techniques to suit the requirements of each individual game, and we're able to experiment more in order to uncover new and innovative forms of play all while having fun doing it!

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