Hello, and welcome to my shop...


My name is Paul Warne, and I make and sell games and toys.

The first game I created was made as a little wooden lantern, which I called the Larklamp. Larklamp games are played on the shadow patterns cast by the light from the lanterns, and are handcrafted at my workshop in Vermont.

As of 2023, the Larklamp is currently not for sale, as it is undergoing a significant post-pandemic re-design: as I explore more sustainable solutions to withstand supply-chain disruptions created by global plagues and war. Yeesh! There will be more shadow games to come, as well as other new toy products. Stay tuned. 

Before making Larklamps,  I helped design a couple dozen videogames at studios such as Lucas Learning, DoubleFine and Ubisoft. During that time I also built large exhibitions as a video-installation artist. So when I felt it was time to start creating my own tabletop games, I just sandwiched all that experience together to come up with the idea for the Larklamp.

In 2016 I launched my first Kickstarter campaign for the Larklamp Magic Lantern Game System. Folks were real tickled by it, and the campaign received nearly 1000% of the funding goal. 

Thank you for stopping by.