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Robot Droney Junior is an all-ages mobile party game where players pilot one another in real life via audio signals sent from a virtual remote control.  Two-player teams (pilot and drone) compete against other teams to complete real-world missions in this surrealist mix of Charades, Simon Says and SpaceTeam. Robot Droney Junior is currently in early Alpha running on iOS.


At the start of each round a mission goal is revealed to the teams’ Pilots.  Examples missions include: Collect Three Blue Objects,  Set up an Imaginary Tea Party, Build a Human Fort, etc.  Then, using only the game controller (no talking!), the Pilots remotely guide their Drone in an attempt to complete the mission first (and before the time runs out).

The sound-cues the drones hear in their headphones and the icons the pilots see on the controllers will change based on the different themes of the missions. Bonus points may be awarded to Drones who can also accurately guess what the mission was.


Custom missions can be designed for specific features of the event and outdoor space - Hug the Statue, Climb Those Stairs, etc. Various props and creative tools (chalk, flashlight, bells, bubbles, etc.) could also be staged. A screen/projection could be set up to explain the game as well as reveal to non-players what the current mission is. Also of note: the maximum number of players the system could support for a single mission at one time is 500.


Robot Droney Junior is being developed by Paul Warne. Paul has spent 15 years designing games at Doublefine, Lucas and Ubisoft Studios before he co-founded Montreal’s Hololabs Studio where he was CEO and Creative Director. Paul taught videogame design at Champlain and Dawson colleges, and is starting a new independent studio in 2015.