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To My Children


News and letters on the Game Lantern - the world's first magic lantern game system by P.D. Warne

To My Children

Paul Warne

Dear (Future) E & A,

Just after the turn of the century—when you were both still dreams—blogs (weblogging) became quite fashionable (as were Friendster and subprime mortgages). I am starting this blog now as a collection of letters to you about the creation of our new little Game Lantern project. Perhaps you might read these posts one day when you are older.


Composing these letters now helps me with the project in several ways:

  • It focuses me on my main motivation: developing experiences for our family to enjoy and learn from. I am building the lantern for (and with) you both.

  • Addressing you guys keeps my marketing BS to a minimum.

  • It inspires me to share information about what I am creating.  I have learned a lot about working independently from other creators who have written about their experience and process—this gives me a method then for contributing back to this creative community.

  • As I am building the Game Lantern for your great-great-grandchildren to play, they may be curious about what happened way back in the twenty-first century. Authoring letters intended for you guys to read in 10-20 years (or beyond) keeps my design thinking close at heart, while also on the far horizon.

  • It is fun! It feels like a quirky family history from a fantasy story—like in Little, Big or Myst (your mother enjoyed playing Myst... maybe even more than Fallout 3)

These letters may also be reference material when you are helping out more with the business. In anticipation of one day hearing you whine, “BUT DAD! We don’t want to make games today! We were going to go to Tosche Station and pick up some power converters!“—let me tell you something, kiddos: making games sure beats planting, spraying, trimming, cutting, digging and selling pine trees which, BACK IN MY DAY, were my jobs working for Grandma & Pap's Christmas Tree business (and that was way better than having to do regular farm work, as your aunt and uncle would attest). You can waste time with your friends when your game chores are done!

I imagine you won't read these letters for at least another decade or two. I hope in the meantime you won't mind me publishing (most of) them here, now—on this thing called the internet—where the majority of the people in the world can also read them if they like. After all, we are building the Game Lantern for (and with) them, too.