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Information for those interested in developing future games for the Larklamp Game Lantern system

As a game designer, I built the Larklamp out of a passion to create a unique platform to develop new games for.

Much of the magic of the Larklamp is the simplicity of how the lantern works, and I have been getting feedback from people who are inspired to make their own games for the Larklamp–both newcomers to game-making as well as seasoned developers.

The FAQ below begins to lay out some thoughts on how this might all work.

Larklamp Developer FAQ

+ Will I be able to make my own Larklamp games for personal use?

Yes! All you will need is paper, an X-acto knife, and a printer (if you want to get fancy about it).

To help people get started, I will upload PDF templates of the lantern panels to download, print and cut out adfter the first Kickstarter rewards ship ( these templates will also be in the Art of Larklamp eBook, along with some "tutorials" about making Larklamp games).

+ Can I Publicly Share/Distribute My personal Larklamp games online?

Soon, but not at this moment (which only makes sense considering the Larklamp isn't even for sale yet).

When it will happen there will be some terms and conditions creators will need to agree to before distributing any of their own Larklamp games things like: the games have to be non-commerical, they cannot be nasty, evil, racist, etc.

+ HOW do I make a (larklamp) game?

I recommend starting with owning a Larklamp! (The Kickstarter has ended but they will go on sale Summer 2017- sign up to get notified).

I will also be offering an eBook called the Art of Larklamp, which will include some basic techniques for the anamoprhic techniques used to cut out shapes from the panels.

I may also release a custom software tool that would help you to generate the panels.

As far as making games, you can start now with some paper and pencils, maybe some dice or pawns/meeples from an existing game! Don't wait to start!

If you prefer approaching new practices more....academically, I would highly recommend is Jesse Schell’s the Art of Game Design.

When teaching university courses on game design, this is the book I use as a framework. It has a videogame bias - but its principles are rooted strongly in the core subject of games, and its lessons apply equally to TableTop.

+ Will I be able to make and sell my own Larklamp games?

No, not currently - but I am working to make this a possibility in the future (e.g. permitting third-party game development).

+ I have a Larklamp game idea, can I submit the idea to you?

The short answer is no, thank you - but please do make your own Larklamp game if you have an idea!

Lumo Amuzo's Unsolicited Ideas Policy:

I appreciate and share your enthusiasm and passion for the Larklamp and its games. However, I cannot accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, comments or materials (“Submissions”). The purpose is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes if products, services or features developed or published by myself might appear to be similar or identical to ideas that may have independently occurred to you.

Terms of Idea Submissions:

If, despite my heartfelt request that you not send me your amazing ideas, you still choose to submit them, then regardless of what your letter (or lawyer, or dad, or dog) says, the following terms shall apply to your Submissions. You agree that:

  • The Submissions shall be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • Lumo Amuzo shall have no obligations concerning the Submissions, including but not limited to, no obligation to review or return any materials or acknowledge receipt of any Submissions.
  • Lumo Amuzo may use, redistribute, or disclose the Submissions worldwide without any restriction, in any way and for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without any compensation or credit obligation to you or any third party.

I am glad to know the Larklamp has sparked your creative imagination, so I strongly encourage you to make the game yourself (or even better, with some friends!). Making games has been such a rewarding creative practice for me, and I hope others will give it a try if they are inclined.

+ I am a professional game designer/developer– are you considering second party development?

Yes, however second-party collaborations will not start until well after the Larklamp launches (Summer 2017).

I will be starting a pilot program with some developer friends to help me figure out how this might best work. Send me a note and I will add you to a list to reach out to when this is all ready to happen.

+ Can I make and/or sell my own Larklamp Game Lanterns?


At least not for another twenty years or so. The Larklamp Magic Game Lantern System is copyright, trademarked, and Patent-Pending (P.D. Warne / Lumo Amuzo) - this means the lantern will enter the public domain in a few decades, but until then all rights to the Larklamp and its games are reserved by me, so that I may continue to invest in making it the best magic lantern game system of all time!