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     Some creators like to sculpt cute garlic creatures out of clay while others have a passion for painting on model trains. Building shadow games to play on wooden lanterns is what I do best.

      For over fifteen years I made videogames at Lucas, Double Fine, Hololabs and Ubisoft studios. In 2015 I set out to make my own games. I wanted to invent a new system for these games to be played on—a "game console" that mechanically could have possibly existed a thousand years ago so that it might conceivably be played 100 years from now by my great-great-great-grandchildren. So I began to build the Larklamp Game Lantern.

     This little wooden lantern is a culmination of everything I have learned as an artist, small business owner, and game maker. I hope you will join me as I set out on this new and enchanting adventure in play.

Yours in magic, mirth and mystification - 

P. D. Warne

Lumo Amuzo
Montreal, Canada